AR.MET. is a metalworking company, which has been operating in the Italian territory and in the world for over forty years.

We have a deep experience in the metalworking sector performing laser cutting operations on both sheet and tube, punching, bending, welding, finishing, stamping and final assembly: with most modern technologies characterize AR.MET. has been able to combine the best craft tradition with a strong sense of industrial innovation.
The gaze was always focused on the future and has allowed us, in these years, to respond to the client's requests by creating both finished and semi-finished products, combining the ability to work for third parties, with the necessary skills, to design and create furniture and design products .
Ours is a long and beautiful story made of passion and kindness, but above all of professionalism, ability to update, certainty of times and results. These are our characteristics that have led us to become from a small-scale crafting company to a company that now operates in many countries all over the world.