Furniture and interior design

Designing 3D and rendering


Italian Style
We think… design and furnish a space, putting man, with his different requirements, at the center of our design…

We add our style, made of the story, past experiences…… the wish to look at the future, following the new technologies like the domotics for instance, more and more present in our houses and offices nowadays. Our team is made up of technicians qualified for the design of furniture and also of plumbings and illumino-technical plants. Thanks to our collaborators, we can offer our customers a turnkey both in the building works and the smallest furniture. We make use of programs which allow, after an accurate survey, the achievement of rendering and let the customer see, with detailed images and a preview, the furniture and the spaces we have planned for him, together with a detailed illumino-technical study.
Versatility, punctuality, efficiency to increase and to let the world know the Italian ability from furnishings to works on behalf of a third party. You will find in AR.MET. a partner to work with, able to meet your requirements, from designing to assembly, along the whole chain of production.

A quality story