Ar.Met. obtained the Certification ISO 9001 in Quality Management Systems.
A very important goal, which confirms the high standards in the management of the designs to our customers’ complete advantage.
To get ISO 9001 certification, a concern must comply with a series of requisites fixed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and prove to have an efficient system of quality management able to manufacture products and supply services to its customers’ complete and enlarged satisfaction.
The maintenance of the certification, according to ISO 9001, implies the non-stop monitoring of the activities to improve the services provided. It is a big step in the excellence way and testifies the ability of the firm to supply high-quality products which meet the market demand.
The firm rises and guarantees its customers the quality of processes, being sure that standards must be respected but also exceeded.

UNI EN 1090-1
Manufacturing Control in the factory

Ar.Met. has obtained the certification for the manufacturing of steel structural components in the execution class EXC3 (and inferior) for the groups of steel 1.1 , 1.2 e 1.4 (classification UNI CE ISO/TR 15608) and steel degree from S235 to S355 (EN 10025).

EN 1090-1 Rule EN 1090-1 rule became effective on July 1 st, 2014 and regards steel and aluminium structural elements put on the Italian and European markets. This rule was stated by the European Directive 89/106/CEE (Construction Products Directive-CPD), which has introduced into all the European Economic market the duty to mark CE in the manufacturing and marketing of any building material but also of the materials to be incorporated into the manufactured.
Particularly EN 1090-1 rule states the requisites for the evaluation of the compliance with the control of the factory manufacturing of the structural components in steel and aluminium, used in the manufacture of steel or mixed steel-
concrete frames. This rule is addressed to all the factories which put structural metal products on the market.

manufacture emergency exit doors

Ar.Met. has got the certification for Emergency exit doors manufacturing and laying (SAC 1) by
the Institute IRCcOS.

According to the national regulations of European acknowledgement as regards fire prevention, starting from January 1 st , 2010, it is compulsory to equip the emergency-exits with anti-panic openings certified SAC 1.
The rule UNI EN 14351-1: 2010 states all the checks to be carried out on the product and states that the manufacturer must record all the controls and inspections carried out in production.Moreover products are expected to
be traceable, making all the production cycle sure and transparent.

The Certification SAC 1 attests the essential characteristics of an anti-panic door and it is compulsory whenever the evacuation plan is inspected by fire brigade or whenever the customer asks for it as a contractual clause.

How can an emergency-exit door be identified? An outside pedestrian door becomes an emergency-exit one when it is identified like this in an evacuation plan: when the firm is subject to the firemen’s control to get the issue of the fire prevension certificate, it is obvious that the requisite of CE mark in SAC 1 is essential. The same requisite can be requested by the customer, as a contractual requisite, also for firms not dependent on firemen’s control because they are provided with their evacuation plan, according to the legislative decree on industrial safety. (d. lgs. 81/2008).